Bibliotheca: What’s in Your Bag?

This month’s Bibliotheca topic is “What’s in your bag?”
I haven’t done a post like this in years so I am excited to do this and to see everyone else’s participation in the theme.

Lately, I have been carrying this Coach bag that I thrifted for only $6! I’m not much for designer goods but I do have a couple things I really like.
On my bag is a Kirby birth month keychain. I don’t carry a lot with me because my bag is small and I tend to have a lot of supplies in my desk at work and in my car incase I need something.

Beauty items

These are the beauty and hygiene items I carry most of the time.
I have chronic eczema on my hands and one of the few lotions I can use is Hempz so I keep a small bottle with me. I really love the pomegranate scent.
Next is this comb + hair tie which is small and helps me with my hair especially if I’m wearing my fake bangs.
I am a lip balm addict. And I love EOS so I usually always have some sort of EOS lip balm.
A scrunchie! I have very long, curly, thick hair and it’s always in the way, I cannot eat with it down. So if I’m going to be eating at a restaurant or in my car I need to be able to pull my hair back.
Hand sanitizer, which I’ve always carried but is even more important in recent times. This is one I got free with my elf order so thank you elf.
Lastly, this compact mirror. It’s a simple dollar store compact that I added beautiful flower stickers to. I feel like I constantly am getting stuff in my eyes so I always am in need of a mirror.

Practical items

This little yellow pouch is for my headphones. I got this pouch on Yesstyle and it’s honestly amazing. My headphones are Apple ear buds. They’re the only in ear headphones that don’t hurt after long wear so I continue to buy them even though I don’t have an iPhone.
Next is my wallet which is ugly. My favorite wallet is also by Coach but I don’t want to carry leather during the pandemic because it cannot be easily disinfected. And I don’t want to touch stuff in town and then touch my wallet and not be able to clean it. So I am carrying a simple card holder. It’s decent and has RFID protection.

My lolita bags

When wearing lolita, it’s really important to me that my bag is not big and bulky but big enough for me to carry the things I usually carry. So plush bags are almost always a no go for me. I love crossbody style because they are hands free but because of that I have a permanent dent in my petticoat where my crossbody bag sits against my skirt 🤦‍♀️

What do you carry in your bag? Similar things as mine or something totally different?

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